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Outer Hebrides By Motorhome (Part 2) – Scotland 2010

Although there are not that many major attractions, the Outer Hebrides are extremely photogenic. Here are a few more shots from our recent motorhome trip around the islands. (See Part 1 for more)

Another amazing beach in the Hebrides
One of the beaches on Vatersay - there is a terrific circular walk you can do around this small island that starts from the car park opposite the Annie Jane monument (or alternatively from the motorhome parking a few hundred yards further back, on the opposite side of the road). It's 4 miles and is more or less marked out with finger posts, we didn't need an OS map.
Picture of golden sandy beach with clear blue sea
Hushinish beach on the Isle of Harris - well worth driving to the end of the B887 to see. Toilets and parking facing the beach, looked suitable for overnighting. There are many superb beaches - it's harder to find the right weather than it is to find the right beach...
Hawk in flight
Golden Eagles, Sea Eagles and a variety of hawks can be seen in the islands, which are also home to many other rare birds.
Seals basking on rocks
Seals and otters are also a common sight - although otters are harder to spot than you might think, hence why this photo is of seals

Hebridean beach

An amazing view from a picnic area
The view from our lunch stop on Scalpay

Burnside Chip Shop & Filling Station, South Uist
Burnside Filling Station & Chip Shop, South Uist. Chip shop highly recommended and very friendly, but closes for the season on 30th October (in 2010). Situated by the A865 at Dalabrog (Daliburgh).

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  • Tony Gilmore

    Visited the Burnside Chip Shop in August and it was, without doubt, the best fish & chips we’ve ever tasted. Great blog thanks

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