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Motorhome Service Areas in Europe – Pictures & Information

Motorhome service area sign in SpainOne of the best things about travelling by motorhome in Europe is the ready availability, in most areas, of motorhome service areas – places with facilities designed to allow you to easily and cleanly empty your waste water and toilet cassette and fill up your fresh water tank.

If you’ve only ever travelled around the UK by motorhome, this may come as something of a revelation!

To provide an introduction to these facilities, I’ve gathered together some of the photos I’ve taken on my travels and put them into an article, along with some useful tips for using motorhome service areas.

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A Euro Relais motorhome service point
Purpose-made service points like this Euro Relais design are common in France and, increasingly, in Spain and Portugal. They're easy to use but may charge for water and electricity (if provided).

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