DIY motorhome conversions

New: Self-Build Motorhome Conversion Review & Parts Guide

By far the most popular areas of this site with visitors are the DIY conversion pages, in particular my illustrated guide to the stages I went through when converting my van.

Although I’d like to expand this area of the site more often than I do, unfortunately converting a van isn’t something I can do very often!

What I’ve done instead is to produce two new pages that provide detailed information on my DIY conversion with the benefit of hindsight, after 18 months use as a daily vehicle and 13 weeks travelling, on trips of up to 4 weeks at a time:

I hope these will be useful to anyone who is in the process of planning or carrying out a conversion – choosing and assembling all the necessary parts can be a big job, even for a small conversion.

As always, any feedback will be more than welcome – just leave a comment below.