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Overland Along Fault Lines – from Iceland to Iran

We don’t have proper earthquakes in the UK, so we tend not to think much about them, except when unusually large quakes happen elsewhere in the world and hit the news headlines. But what is it like to live in a place where earthquakes are routine and close to home?

I recently came across a new website, Fault Line Living, that’s documenting the overland journey of a British team who are exploring what it’s like to live on major geological fault lines – where earthquakes happen.

The team are travelling in a customised Land Rover, so it’s not exactly a motorhome journey – but they are camping where possible and travelling overland, so it should be a fascinating journey to follow. The team’s planned route is 15,000 miles long and will take them from the UK to Iran, via Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

Fault Line Living’s most recent diary entry comes from Iceland, a place where earthquakes are commonplace and some people live on land that shifts around on an annual basis! Check it out – the pictures and human stories are fascinating and their journey promises to get more interesting still as they head east.