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Camping Card Scandinavia or CCI – or Both?

We’ve been researching a possible tour of Scandinavia recently, and I assumed that our CCI (Camping and Caravanning International) card would be valid at Scandinavian campsites, as it is in Europe.

(The card has two main benefits – third party insurance against on-campsite accidents and the choice of leaving your CCI card with the campsite reception instead of your passports, although I’ve often done neither. CCI cards are issued by the Camping & Caravanning Club to its members)

In the course of my research, however, I came across the Camping Card Scandinavia. I also came across an article on Stephen Stewart’s excellent site (exact page here), in which he mentioned that he had found that in Sweden, his UK camping carnet (this must be similar/a predecessor to the CCI card?) was not accepted – he had to buy a Temporary Camping Card instead. Norway and Finland accepted the UK card, however.

The Camping Card Scandinavia is only 130SEK per year (about £11.50) so isn’t expensive. It would probably be a useful purchase before a camping trip to Sweden and if we end up going, I will probably buy one before we go.

Has anyone bought/used a Camping Card Scandinavia or had their UK CCI card accepted or refused in Sweden? I’d be interested to know more if so – just leave a comment below to share your experiences.