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New Design Takes Fifth Wheel Caravan Concept Further

Demountable motorhomes are not a new concept – and neither are fifth wheel trailers. However, they are usually on the large side and definitely don’t look like this:

Colim Concept Caravan/Motorhome


This is the Colim – a kind of cross between a fifth wheel caravan, a demountable motorhome and a normal caravan and car combination.

In reality, it is a caravan and tow car that have been designed together and carefully integrated. The concept is that you can drop the accomodation section where you like and scoot off in the city-sized runaround car to see the sites, do some shopping or whatever.

The Colim design is the work of German designer Christian Susana, who is currently looking for a manufacturing deal for the Colim.

Colim is an acronym – ‘Colours Of Life In Motion’ and the Colim is designed to bridge the gap between caravans, campers, lifestyle and business, according to Susana. The accomodation module can be customised to include different living modules such as a kitchen or bathroom and will sleep 2-4 people.

The tow vehicle only has two seats but does have a far safer and more stable hitch mechanism than conventional car-caravan setups – again, rather like a fifth wheel setup, with the pivot point just above and in front of the rear axle, rather than behind it.

7 thoughts on “New Design Takes Fifth Wheel Caravan Concept Further

  • colin stowe

    Beautiful looking bit of kit. Could be interested when available subject to cost

  • anthony fison

    Could this be the answer for wheelchair users as current market is lacking interest in disability needs. Need some help to get this project going?

  • aymen

    It’s a wonderful and beautiful can I know the price?

  • It’s not really a fifth-wheeler, as the tow vehicle’s rear wheels seem to fold away when attached to the caravan. This makes it more like a motorhome, with a detachable cab, without any actual pivot point. Reminds me of Fireball XL5!

    • Hi Geoff,

      I should have looked more closely at the pictures – you’re right! Thanks for pointing this out.


  • Hi
    Any progress on Colim? Looks fantastic to me

    Aussie Mike

  • its a good idea however you are completly redesigning everything here, you are going to have to build a car and a fifth wheel caravan
    My thoughts would be take a double cab pick up truck and a twin / triple axle fifth wheel trailer however don’t join them together in the normal way, Change the idea of the need of a pivot point instead find a way of joining them together by turning the fixed rear axle of the pickup truck into a turning axle. Thereby when they are joined they make a truck with both front axles turning like a 8×4 chassis . when apart the double cab pickups rear axle would return to a fixed axle.

    If only i could draw – pictures paint a thousand words!!!

    hope you understand what i am thinking of

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