Journeys by Motorhome

Two Great Overland Motorhome Travel Sites

I’ve discussed the time-wasting potential of travel journal websites before, and despite my best intentions I continue to be seduced by other people’s motorhome travel stories for hours on end…

I recently came across two new sites that should be of interest to anyone considering overland travel by motorhome. One site has some amazing travel stories and the other provides a lot of information about the design of a large, custom-built overland motorhome.

Expedition Overland journals the round-the-world trip of a couple from Nottingham in their custom-built, 6-wheel drive Land Rover. The trip took place over two years, from 2003-2005. This website contains copious photos and journal entries covering all of their trip – which encompassed Africa, North and South America and much of Asia and the Middle East.

It’s a fascinating read but be warned – hours might slip away before you remember you should be doing something else…

Michael and Sandy made do without the creature comforts of a proper motorhome in order to be able to do some proper off-roading. Although they did seem to suffer their fair share of mechanical mishaps, their Land Rover proved a repairable choice throughout the world – one of the main reasons they chose it. Click here to visit the website. is the website of a couple who are taking a slightly different approach to touring the world. As the site’s name suggests, they intend to live in their motorhome permanently – for around 10 years, if things go to plan.

To this end, they have had a high-spec coachbuilt motorhome custom-built onto a Merc 814 chassis and, according to their website, are currently on a “shake down trip to Cyprus via Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey”.

This website includes detailed plans of the layout of their motorhome and quite a bit of information about its construction – good information for anyone who is planning a DIY conversion, even if it’s on a smaller scale (and it probably will be – this thing is big!). Click here to visit the website.