DIY motorhome conversions

Converting & Restoring Old Motorhomes – Here’s Someone Who Can!

Many of us rely heavily on expensive new parts and nearly-new vans when building our DIY conversions – the self-build route isn’t necessarily a cheap option, especially if you use proper motorhome parts. However, it doesn’t have to be this way – I recently came across this tale of a true self-build motorhome conversion by ‘Mr. B’. Mr. B takes the opposite approach and rarely buys anything new, providing an education in what can be achieved on a budget.

To be fair, he does have a slight advantage over some of us – for his day job, he deals in classic car parts and tools as well as providing equipment for the fishing industry (he’s based in Lowestoft).

Over the years, he has converted an old Mercedes 307D van into a motorhome, restored a Mk 1 Ford Transit coachbuilt motorhome and, more recently, restored an old London Taxi (yes, I know it’s not a motorhome). His empirical know-how and years of experience with old vehicles are very educational for mechanically clueless people like me and his conversion stories make good reading.

Incidentally, Mr. B’s tale of woe about the plight of the UK’s fishing industry and its suppliers is hilarious and well worth a read, too.