Journeys by Motorhome

All Mouth & No Trousers? Not This Guy…

You know the kind I mean? Always been further in his motorhome than everyone else, experienced bigger problems and knows all the answers?

Here’s someone who really has done it all:

Mercedes-Benz G-Class Driver on 17-Year Round-The-World Trip

Gunther Holtorf and his Mercedes-Benz G-Class have spent most of the last 17 years traversing the globe.

Holftorf gives full credit to Otto, his Mercedes G Class, praising its remarkable durability and mechanical simplicity.

The vehicle is home to Holtorf and his partner while they travel – part motorhome, part off-roader and part van.

Mercedes-Benz are so impressed with his accomplishments that they plan to put the G-Class in a museum when Holtorf is finally finished with it!

Take a look, it’s a great story of travelling by motorhome taken to the extreme.