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Motorhomes For Sale – DIY Conversions, A Posh Italian and A Tiny One

Welcome to what I hope will become a regular weekly feature, looking at some of the more interesting, unusual or just plain desirable motorhomes for sale on eBay (and elsewhere). This week — DIY motorhome and campervan conversions.

First up is this Volkswagen LT35 conversion, which clearly took its insides from a donor caravan. I like the interior layout (separate living and sleeping areas is near the top of my wishlist for my next van) and the base vehicle is a sound choice. The rooftop camper is a neat idea for kids, too. Given the size of the van, the fresh water capacity is a little on the mean side, and I would rather see gas bottles secured in a sealed cupboard. Still, these two minor criticisms would be easy to address and it’s a flexible and comfortable looking conversion.

For a reminder of what us younger folk are missing out on, take a look at this 1983 Bedford CF280. They don’t make them like this anymore – although interior layouts haven’t changed much in the last quarter of a century. Lovers of miniature vehicles might be interested in this Suzuki camper – although this is quite an old van, new models are available. If you fancy one, look for either a Suzuki Rascal or a Daihatsu Hijet. High quality Romahome conversions exist, too, if you don’t want a DIY project.

For a touch of real Italian luxury, have a look at this Giottiline Genetics K-900 motorhome. I’ve never heard of the make before but the luxury is unquestionable. It was £66,500 new, according to the seller, putting it on a par with top quality German marques. At the smaller end of the market, this Mercedes Vito conversion has all the features you need but is not really any bigger than a large car. Ideal as a car substitute and might even fit under a 2m height barrier (check with the seller!).

Finally, a couple of DIY conversions to finish off with. This bright yellow Ford Transit bus conversion isn’t my cup of tea but does look homely. On the other hand, this Merc Sprinter ‘stealth camper’ has potential and plenty of space. On the other hand, the seller has a strange idea of what constitutes an adequate level of vehicle servicing and in a van that size, I would want a toilet, if not a toilet cubicle. Still, any buyer could easily upgrade the storage and incorporate a Porta Potti.

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