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Motorhomes In The News

I’ve noticed a rash of motorhome-related articles in some of the major newspapers recently – so here’s a quick rundown of what was covered, with links to the articles in question.

  • The Guardian has a feature on a family who hired/borrowed a large Bessacarr motorhome to tour around France. Apart from the ridiculous hamming up of the campsite experience, the article is quite well balanced and the writer admits that he an his family were won over by the experience and are now planning to buy a motorhome. Click here for the full story.
  • Take 2 for The Guardian – in this article, the writer discusses the ins and outs of motorhome hire. Worth a read if you are considering this route – click here for this article.
  • The Independent has a review of a Danbury VW Type 2 campervan. VW Brazil still builds Type 2 vans and Danbury imports them and converts them into campervans. I’ve mentioned these before and my write-up of the 2008 Pickering Motorhome Show includes some pictures. Click here for The Independent’s take on these classic-but-new vans. I’d say they have got it about right.