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Free Motorhome Conversion Parts (yes, Free!)

Professionally-converted motorhomes are expensive, which is one of the reasons some people choose the option of a DIY, or self-build, conversion.

Building your own motorhome still isn’t cheap, however, hence the reason for this post.

Thanks to my next door neighbour, a recycling enthusiast, I have discovered a source of useful motorhome conversion items that is completely free.

It’s called Freecycle and there are local Freecycle groups all over the UK. The principle is simple – if you have something you don’t want anymore, you offer it to the members of your local group (ours is run as a Yahoo Group, with emails sent out to all members daily).

Similarly, if something is offered that you want, you email the person concerned and ask for it. If it’s still available, they will normally put it by for you. All you have to do is go round and collect it. No money is involved and one of the rules of the organisation is that you should not acquire things with the aim of reselling them.

I won’t pretend that Freecycle is full of motorhome-specific equipment, but the odd useful item does come up and it is also a good way to get rid of things. When I was converting my van, it had high-quality Ford load lashing rails fitted inside it. I had no use for them but they were gone to a grateful owner within hours when I put them on Freecycle.

Find out more on the Freecycle website: