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For many motorhomers, nothing beats the experience of European touring. I know that’s true for me.

A key part of motorhoming in Europe is crossing the Channel (or the North Sea or Atlantic). Some people look forward to the ferry crossing, some people find it tedious and some unfortunate people have stomaches that rebel at the very prospect of feeling the ‘motion of the ocean’. Some ferry routes don’t allow pets, either.

The Channel Tunnel can be a good choice if you aren’t keen on sailing – or if you just want to save time. At 30 minutes vs. 90 minutes for a typical Dover-Calais crossing, it is quick but is rarely the cheapest option.

If you are new to motorhomes or car ferries, you may not be familiar with the ferry routes that are available or with the information you’ll need to book your motorhome on a ferry. To help you get started, we’ve produced two new pages covering these areas:

I hope they are useful – let me know of any comments or ferry experiences you have had!