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Motorhome Speed Limits in Europe

Motorhome speed limits in the UK are pretty simple – in most cases, the same as for cars. However, the same isn’t true across the Channel in continental Europe.

Motorhome speed limits vary considerably across Europe – at least as far as I can discover on the internet.

I was originally planning to write an article detailing the speed limits for motorhomes in the major EU countries, but in the end I gave up. I’ve found several sources of information and they don’t all agree, so I will leave you to make your own decisions.

Here are the links I have found to pages describing motorhome speed limits in the EU. You will note that they don’t all agree with each other. Also note that the official designation of this vehicle type is Motor Caravan in most languages (translated, obviously!)

I will add new links as and when I find them – if you have any, feel free to add a comment with the details and I will add your link to this page:

4 thoughts on “Motorhome Speed Limits in Europe

  • So what are the speed limits. If still unsure; summarise the range.

    • Observer,

      I’ve yet to find a better guide than the ‘McRent’ guide (the first one in my list of links). Although I can’t vouch for its accuracy, it is the one I use and is by far the most comprehensive I have found.

      I don’t see how I can improve on this myself unless I contact the authorities in each country directly and ask them, so I haven’t tried to write my own guide and don’t intend to.

      Regards, Roland

    • Hi Observer,

      This link is actually already in the article – it’s the top one in the list above!

      Thanks, Roland

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