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Oh So Cool… The GMC Motorhome is 30 Years Gone

Update: The owner of the GMC motorhome in the picture below has got in touch with me and provided some additional information about the vehicle in the picture. This green is an original colour and was called ‘parrot green’. This model is the Sequoia – apparently GMC named its motorhomes after American national parks. Thanks to Mike for the extra details.

2008 marks the 30th year since GMC stopped production of their pioneering motorhome – a vehicle in whose relatively compact length, front wheel drive, tag axle and low floors many of today’s European A-class motorhomes can be seen.

Despite being designed in 1972, the interior layout of these RVs would be familiar to many of today’s European motorhome owners – just take a look at the photos in this article to see what I mean.

GMC Motorhome in Lime Green...
GMC Motorhome in Lime Green...

These RVs were an overnight success for GMC. Their aerodynamic shape, low floor (thanks to front-wheel drive) and stylish interior made all other RVs seem dated. Sadly rising costs and rising oil prices resulted in the life of this innovative model being cut short after just six years production – despite finding TV fame as the vehicle used by Captain America!

Many of them live on today in the hands of owners who are often passionate enthusiasts. Try searching Flickr for some examples – there are still a surprising number out there.

Thanks to Squob.com for the inspiration for this post – check out the full monty here.

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