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Continuing the theme of a small but basically self-sufficient campervan, I’ve illustrated a basic, cold water setup here.

There’s no hot water, no shower and only one tap – but it does have on-board fresh and waste water and is perfectly ample for many purposes (in my experience/opinion). That said, water/bathroom facilities are quite a personal preference. Some people don’t find having to use the kitchen sink (eBay⇒) for everything to be acceptable.


Both main and spare fresh water containers should be removable but held firmly in place for travel/use. Don’t underestimate the destructive force of an unrestrained 25-litre container of water if you have to brake suddenly or are in an accident.

The waste water container (eBay⇒), should be similarly restrained but easier to remove as it will need to be emptied fairly often – probably every day or two, to ensure you don’t overflow…

The water pump (eBay⇒) described in this setup is the type used by most caravanners – a submersible pump (eBay⇒) that is simply dropped into the water container so that it sits at the bottom and sucks up water. These pumps have two connections – water and electricity and are very cheap and simple to use.

Click here for a Submersible Water Pump (eBay⇒)

In this case, the water pump could be wired up so that it comes on when the tap is turned on, as there are no other taps in the vehicle. Multi-tap setups require a little more thought and wiring complexity!

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5 thoughts on “Water & Plumbing

  • mr ken halliwell

    my son is converting a recently purchased hi-top and ihave found your conversion tips immensly helpfull-many thanks
    mr k halliwell

  • Tony Mayell

    You don’t say what adhesive you should use to fit the battens to the ceiling and the walls?
    Tony. I am just in the process of getting everything together to start my conversion.

  • Caroline Lowe

    I find your explanations invaluable in my planning. Can I ask – for conversion on the V5 I just have to have a water container in the van (secured naturally) but it doesn’t say anything about a tap or pump does it. Thanks for your help

    • Hi Caroline,

      I’m not really sure if you’d need a tap/pump to pass as a motorhome conversion (body type: motorcaravan).

      Sorry I can’t be of more help!




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