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I decided not to build the furniture myself for my current van, as I wanted a professional look without having to buy all the parts and tools (e.g. a router) that I didn’t have myself. Instead, I opted to have someone install the furniture, once I’d carpeted, insulated and fitted windows to the van. The result is below.

Our side conversion was constructed using high-quality and lightweight Vohringer board (eBay⇒), Reimo trim (eBay⇒), and Reimo door catches (eBay⇒) –– all top quality stuff. It was built for us in 2008 by Scott, at Sheffield-based Convert Your Van (eBay⇒), who I would recommend.

Side conversion furniture unit - for SWB van

Convert Your Van supplied the sink and tap, which I later fitted. They also supplied the fridge, which was built in to the cupboard as shown in the picture above. This was not necessarily a great idea, with hindsight, as there seems to be no way to remove it without dismantling the furniture. The problem with doing that – apart from the hassle – is that it is unlikely to go together quite so tightly again when the screws are removed and reinserted to the same holes. This is a downside to using the lightweight Vohringer boards.

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One thought on “Furniture – Side Conversion

  • I know its not ideal but if you do find you have to take it apart and put screws back in the same holes fill the holes with a waterproof glue. When you put the screws back in the glue will harden and should tighten the fit a little. Another option is woodscrew anchors, these are very cheap and will definitely make everything fit together nice and tight again. I haven’t used this for a campervan, fortunately I haven’t had to take mine apart yet, but I’ve found it very useful for fixing shelves, tables, wardrobes etc where you can have the same problems.


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