Types of Motorhome

There are three main types of motorhome:

Van Conversions

Campervan Van ConversionThese motorhomes are built inside the shell of a standard panel van, such as a Ford Transit. They are the most compact and affordable type of motorhome to own or hire, and are narrower and often shorter than the other types.

This means that there are very few restrictions on where you can go – even the narrowest roads are accessible, although car park height restrictions will still pose a problem.

The downside to hightop panel van conversions is that there is less space inside – especially less width, making living and sleeping accommodation more cramped than in larger motorhomes.

Coachbuilt, or C-Class

Coachbuilt or C-Class MotorhomeA coachbuilt motorhome is essentially like having a caravan built onto a van chassis, with a standard van cab in front of it. These are possibly the most popular choice in the UK and provide a good balance of practicality and living space – with the extra width allowing for full length beds across the body, for example.

Coachbuilt motorhomes like this are generally fairly well fitted out, with enough space and facilities for a family holiday, or for a couple to travel for extended periods in comfort.

A-Class, or Integrated

A-Class Motorhome

At the top of the motorhome market are A-Class motorhomes, sometimes referred to as integrated motorhomes. With this type of motorhome, the standard van cab is done away with, and instead both driving and living areas are contained in a purpose-built body.

This design generally provides the highest levels of space and comfort, and despite the size of these motorhomes they are often only 3-berth. Historically they have not been that common in the UK, but are becoming more popular.

American RV Motorhome

USA American RV MotorhomeAlthough European A-class motorhomes provide high standards of comfort and luxury, there is an even more spacious and luxurious choice – the American RV. RVs (Recreational Vehicles) offer the ultimate in travelling luxury – whether it’s for the ultimate holiday road trip, corporate hospitality or as a permanent home!

RVs are similar in size to medium-sized buses and coaches, and are much larger and heavier than most European motorhomes. Additional driving license entitlements are often required for UK use.